Thursday, December 14, 2006

How to Die #46

Dear NinjaSon,

In a world that so many view as so profane. In a life surrounded by death and rebirth; anguish and utter joy. There is something we must keep in mind. It is the beauty of this moment. As those who pass clutch so tightly to that which they claim is theirs, I hold my life in an open palm. We all get greedy and ask for more. One year more, one month more, one week more, one day more, one minute more, one second more. What we should be asking for is one moment more. One word more. One love more. One laugh more. One thank you more. Be gracious. Be humble. When my time comes I will not grab greedily for another day. I will be brave, aching softly at the passing of the world I know and all that is in it. In this time, this small frail moment, we have but a single chance for our last deed. Will you waste it in suffering or confusion. Anger or sorrow. Do not miss its passing before it is gone. Do not miss me while I am still here. Do not mourn your life while it is still yours, settled beautifully on the palm of your open hand. Take that last moment to let this world know who you are and spend your life in a way my son that will make this beautiful world miss you when you are gone.



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