Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On Grief

Baby D rolls into heaven. Bumps into Buddha, Ghandi and Jimi Hendrix. Baby D asks who they are. They recount their tales of life on earth. Baby D is amazed. The guys ask Baby D about his life on earth. Baby D tells them that he had a life in which each and every day, he knew only love. Enough love for a lifetime. The boys smile, and are amazed.

My son,

They say grief is the price that we pay for love. And somewhere along the way you may encounter a loss so crushing that it takes away everything that you know. Takes away your horizon, takes away your hope, takes away your ability to endure another minute on this Earth. I want you to remember something when you meet this pain. I want you to remember that the sorrow that you feel marks the depth of your love. And in this knowing, you can measure the capacity of the human heart. And if your grief is immeasurable, so was your ability to care for another. And as this darkness lightens and evolves, we are always left with a small amount of love more than the sorrow that we continue to endure. Enough remains to carry us forward each day and remind us that in the end, no amount of pain outweighs the memory of those we have lost. And I will survive the pain of losing you one thousand times, for but one moment in the beauty of your smile.


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