Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You Can Do It

Things NinjaSon Can Do...

kill a man

push button on coffee maker

deproof any childproof device including human guards

know what time Wordworld is on using only the length of a pidgeons shadow

get out of carseat

get into carseat of another car
...while on the freeway

name 5 colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, magenta and infrared which he calls "Instafred"

block things

catch birds

dig a hole


climb things

walk on ceiling

order for himself at Gray's

haggle for fake shuriken on Canal

get into Milk and Honey and ask for Milk repeatedly while asking why not a lot.

take turns

spot the dark lord of Balthazar by smell

say momofuku without getting a timeout

sew up a large wound while riding piggy back on said wound recipients back while hurtling through the rooftops of 27th chasing brooklyn mystics

transfer from the 6 to the B/D/F at Broadway-Lafayette/Bleeker without paying twice

Things NinjaSon Can Not Do:

make a poopie in the toilet

What's up with this universe?


Anonymous Football videos said...

he can do

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