Monday, December 11, 2006

Ninjerview #214

NinjaDad: Hello
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Hi! KewL Hat! RU a terroRisT?
NinjaDad: *Sigh* I am NinjaDad. Why are you talking like that?
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Lik wHat?
NinjaDad: You talk like my kid types.
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: I thOugHt Ur KidZ waz a Baby?
NinjaDad: Yes but NinjaBaby so he learns things quickly...oh nevermind. Ok I will now attack you as if I am a Brooklyn Mystic and pretend you are defending my son ok?
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Huh?
NinjaDad: OK ready?
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Whoah iZ thAt lIk a ReAl SaMuraI SworD?!
NinjaDad: Umm no see do I look like a Samurai?
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Did U geT that on QVC?! Nonono EbAY huh? Man tHat Is So KewL!!!!!!!!
NinjaDad: Ok so now I will try to behead you so please just act like you are in a real situation and just defend yourself as you normally would.
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Hey wAiT RU JapAneez?!
NinjaDad: Yes I am NinjaDad. Ninja are usually Japanese.
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: HeY do You KnoW aSk a Ninja?!
NInjaDad: Can we get back to the interview here? As I was saying I will now attempt to behead you...
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Ninja!Ninja!Ninja! Ok I'm goIng to AsK you A quEstion and You ansWer likE on AsK a Ninja! K? k?
NinjaDad: No you see I am not Ask a Ninja. I am NinjaDad and I need to evaluate your fighting skills in order to determine if you are worthy of protecting my son.
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: Ok so DeaR NinjA? HoW dO niNjaz PooP?!
NinjaDad: This interview is so over.
NinjaNanny Candidate #214: What?! ThAt waS soooooonoT fUnny. Ur suPposEd tO waVe yOur haNds a LOTTTZZZors anD taLk liKe Ben StiLleR aNd TheN dIssaPear anD reApeeaR. WaY nOt fUnNy.
NinjaDad: I can't believe you only charge $35 an hour.


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