Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bright Lights Big Warrior

Dear NinjaSon,

Don't take any wooden nickels. Do you know whattheNinja this means? Nor do I. But as Ninja sometimes you have to use common sense. Be careful about lending your trust too easily. For example when answering the following ad:

Models needed for Warrior campaign. Must embody the following character traits: Noble, Toughness, Wisdom. Must be comfortable holding a sword. Title of photographic piece will be: "...holding a sword"

Pay attention during wardrobe. If you are surrounded by Kimono ask yourself the following questions:

Why the fuck am I standing in a changing room full of Kimonos?
Why the fuck are they asking me if I am a fall or winter?
Why the fuck haven't they asked me to demonstrate my sword skills?
Why the fuck is this photographer European?
Why the fuck do they keep calling me fabulously Oriental?

Remember NinjaSon the wise words of generations of Ninja before you...when in doubt just kill everybody.

Because if you fail to heed the warning of your internal something-is-not-quite-as-it-seems-detector this is what lies in wait.


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for your little ninja:

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