Monday, October 02, 2006

Ninja Daipie Bag

Heres what I carry in my daipie bag

74 shuriken - various types
1 PSP with tons of YouTube Downloads
8 Pampers size 1 - No substitutes
1 official NinjaDad Changing Pad
1 Grappling Hook
1 Pack Daipie wipes
1 bag Cheerios
1 list of names of people soon to be very very very dead
1 mint (how'd that get in there)
1 floppy hat so that NinjaBaby doesnt get a NinjaTan (its like the opposite of ski-goggle tan)
1 picture of NinjaMom
6 binkies
2 bibs
52 caltrops (note to self: do not mix caltrops up with cheerios)
1 Manhattan Daddygroup Membership card
4 Pampers coupons
1 Emergency Tanto
1 small plastic duck with plastic bags inside (can be used to toss out daipies or smother assignments)


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