Sunday, September 24, 2006

RiceDaddies are not Nice Daddies

I was recently interviewed on Ricedaddies and to my dismay they made me look like an idiot. I would expect more cultural sensitivity from a group of Asian-American fathers but they had to go low-brow with typical Ninja stereotypes. It is masked (no pun intended), but their anti-Ninja sentiment still comes through when they edit out my musings on Asian-against-Asian prejudice and comments on real issues facing Ninja-Americans. And they totally blew out of proportion the whole me cutting the interviewer's arm off thing. I knew there would be medical personnel standing by and so it was completely safe to take a little poke at the arm. Neurosurgery these days is like getting drive-through. I am sure they will reattach that interviewer's arm without much ado. Feel free to support me through your comments to RiceDaddies.


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